Photo by Jess Farr


Can't make it to the studio but want us to mix your track? No Problem! Just get in touch with us about our E-Mixing service. We will walk you through the process in getting your raw stem tracks and make a two track mix for you in 48khz BWF format.

How Does It Work?

You send us multitrack BWF audio files of the song or songs either by uploading them or by mail on a data DVD, and we send you back the completed stereo master mixes. We also suggest you send a Spotify playlist of reference material as a stylistic guide for the mix engineer – musical influences and songs you’d like your mixes to sit with.

What Do You Get?

The mixes you receive for listening reference are ‘quick mastered’ 16-bit WAV files which means that they have gone through a basic maximising process so that they can be realistically compared to other records at similar volumes. Once the mix is approved an unprocessed 24-bit WAV file will be created for use in the final mastering process. As well as the final mix, you will also get instrumental and a capella versions for any other eventualities that might occur.

Please contact us to find out more about our E-Mixing service.