Photo by Jess Farr


The Troubadour Studio specializes in album production and the creative recording process. In an age where a person can make a clear recording on their smart phone, the ability to record has become common place. The ability to make a great and lasting musical recording however requires a team of experts. The Troubadour Studio hosts a fantastic production team consisting of accomplished musicians who are currently working in the global music marketplace. Our team has had experience releaseing both local or regional records and internationaly released albums. Putting music and the quality of performance first is a staple of our method. At The Troubadour, we seek to make your recording, rather it be a single song or an entire album, truely timeless and unique. We promise to take your art and music seriously and help you find the sound that you have been looking for.
Take a listen to some of our productions in the audio samples section.